What We Believe

crossWe hold firm to the traditional Christian 'creeds' and Biblical truths, but we recognise that they can seem complicated. So here's a simple statement.

We believe

  • Our universe was created by a loving God
  • God gave us freedom to make choices
  • We use that freedom unwisely and mess up God's creation and our lives
  • Jesus teaches that it's possible to sort out the mess and that Christianity is not 'just for good people'
  • Jesus died and rose again to free us from the guilt of all the wrong things we do and to enable us to live in love and peace with everyone
  • That freedom from guilt - forgiveness - is available to everyone who decides to change their lives and to believe
  • Christianity is not about giving up fun, pleasure or success. It's about faith and modelling our lives on Jesus, thereby finding fulfilment and peace of mind in this life, and peace with God for ever when our life on earth has finished.